Healthy Holiday Party Eating

Healthy Holiday Party Eating

The holidays are in full swing with Thanksgiving right around the corner. This means lots of family, fun…and food! But it doesn’t have to mean eating unhealthily. Even holiday treats can fit into a healthy eating plan. The key is balance and moderation.

Take small portions.  Your holiday plate does not need to be piled high.  Take small portions, use a smaller plate, eat slowly and wait a little while before you go back for seconds.

Add a few vegetables and/or fruit. There are often lots of things offered at a holiday party. Start with vegetables and fruit. Skip the dip for both items to avoid calories and fat. This is a good way to get started and make sure that you eat a balanced meal while there.

Bring a healthy Dish.  Offer to bring a low-calorie or healthier dish to the party or feast. Your host might appreciate it, and you’ll know that at least one healthy item will be on hand. Suggestions inlcude fruit salad, veggie tray or green salad.

Trim the dessert.  You can scrape lots of calories off treats and still enjoy the experience.  Scrape off the icing off a piece of carrot cake and save 245 calories.  Eat pie without the crust and save 120 calories.

Watch the liquid calories.  Holiday celebrations can translate into lots of extra calories from drinks you don’t normally consume.  For example 1 cup of Eggnog has 340 calories. It is OK to enjoy these drinks every once in a while, but don’t make it an everyday holiday occurrence.  Have a glass of water, apple cider, or cranberry juice and club soda.

Eat before you Party.  To prevent you from eating everything at your holiday social functions, eat small light meals throughout the day.  That way when you arrive at the party you won’t want to eat everything in sight.

Mingle!  Don’t park yourself in front of the buffet at a party. If you stand by the buffet, you’ll eat more than you would if it was across the room. Instead work hard to meet new people, talk to those you have never talked to, and use this time to talk to those you rarely talk to.
The Get Healthy Staff wants to wish everyone a Healthy Happy Thanksgiving this year!!

Prevent Diabetes–National Diabetes Month !

November is National Diabetes Month. Diabetes is such a prevalent disease that it is not uncommon for everyone to know at least one person who is impacted by this disease. The National Diabetes Fact Sheet reports that in 2011 approximately 25.8 million children and adults in the United States, that’s 8.3% of the population – have diabetes. And numbers are growing fast.

There are two main types of diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2. Most Americans who are diagnosed with diabetes have Type 2. Unfortunately you can’t prevent the onset of Type 1 but you can prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes through a healthy lifestyle. Change your diet, increase your level of physical activity, maintain a healthy weight…with these positive steps, you can stay healthier longer and reduce your risk of diabetes.

If you or someone you know has recently been diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes, or need information on how to help a loved one better manage diabetes, we have many diabetes resources available on our website. We have many tools to help you manage and understand diabetes, like information for self management classes, support groups and a directory of doctors. If you are looking to know more about diabetes and the causes please see our website.

The Get Healthy Staff is committed providing resources and help for people with diabetes. Please contact us if you have any questions

MenuStat provides restaurant nutrition information for you!

In a continued effort to help bring you the latest nutrition information from various restaurants we would like to share an online resource called MenuStat. It allows you to look up restaurant nutrition data from at least 66 of the major nationwide restaurant chains. This free public website is designed to help users search for calorie information and other specific nutrition content. Food eaten away from home accounts for nearly one-third of the calories we consume. For the average adult, one additional meal consumed away from home increases your caloric intake for the day by 130 calories. The more we aware of the amount of calories we are consuming the more likely we are to make adjustments and changes to our diets and prevent weight gain. MenuStat was built by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene this year. Check it out at here at MenuStat.

If you are wondering how many calories you should eat each day. Visit this past blog post for more information

How to get kids to eat their veggies without threats or bribes!

Getting kids to eat their veggies at dinner can often turn into a battle that leads to negative attitudes about eating healthy. Threats and bribery can often send the message that veggies are so terrible that they must come with such drastic measures! Before you even get to the dinner table there are things you can do to change perspective of eating healthy.  Here are some tips and ideas that can help (these can even work for adults too!)

Take your children grocery shopping. Let them pick which veggies seem appealing. That gives your children some ownership in the vegetables, making them more likely to eat it.

Get kids cooking! Children who help cook healthy meals are likelier to eat them. Get kids tearing up lettuce or spinach for a salad or washing the veggies. Help them microwave dishes. Or steam chopped carrots, broccoli, or green beans. The older they get the more advanced their skills will become with helping in the kitchen and you can help them become more independent.

Taste Test. Find out which types of veggies your child likes. Just like adults, kids have a preference for the types they like more than others. We often get in the habit of serving the same thing in the same way. Keep in mind your child might not like to eat the same veggies you do.

Make a colorful plate. Be creative in presenting vegetables – naturally vibrant colors will grab a child’s eye. For example, add bits of sweet red pepper to green beans or broccoli to spark your child’s interest.

Serve finger food veggies. Cut up veggies that kids can hold and dip in low-fat dressing. The action of dipping can add to the willingness to eat veggies and add to the flavor.

Try different types of cooking methods. The same vegetable can taste very different depending on how it’s cooked and served. Veggies canned, fresh, frozen or raw do not taste the same. Find out which method your child likes to eat with which veggies. Some kids might not like cooked carrots but they will easily eat the raw carrots. Or they prefer canned corn to frozen corn.

Serve vegetables (including green salads) as a first course. Children are hungriest at the beginning of the meal. If you serve all the meal together, your child may fill up on other foods before getting to the vegetables.

Perk up vegetables. Use seasonings other than salt, butter, or cheese. Experiment a little – a wide range of spices and juices can add some flavor and zest to veggies. For example, try lemon juice, pepper, dry mustard, nutmeg, basil, curry, oregano, or garlic on cooked broccoli. With steamed carrots, try parsley, cinnamon, lemon juice, allspice, nutmeg, mint, caraway seeds, dill seeds, ginger, mace, thyme, marjoram, honey, or pepper.

Gardening is fun! Like cooking, it’s fun to plant vegetables in a backyard garden or large pot and then watch them grow. Most kids enjoy gardening, harvesting…and eating. It is a great educational experience for kids to see the process.

5K races in November and December

Here are some more races to help you reach your 2013 New Year’s resolution of participating in a 5K or race. If you are looking for some help with training for a 5K, we can help! The Get Healthy team has put together a 5K training program to help you go from the couch to a 5K in no time.

Here you’ll find a list of races in Novemer and December.

November 2 – Step Out for Safety Step Up for Health
$15 Registration Fee (Individual), $30 Registration Fee (Family)
Begins at 8 AM
Location: Valley Hospital Medical Center North Parking Lot

November 2 – 5th Annual Run for Shelter
$30 Registration Fee (before 10/25); $35 (10/26-11/1); $40 (Day of Race)
Begins at 9 AM
Location: Cornerstone Park, 1600 Wigwam Pkwy

November 9 – Trot like a Turkey, Celebrate like a Tourist
$36 Registration Free
Begins at 8 AM
Location: Centennial Hills Park

November 16 – 4th Annual Vegas PBS 5k Run
$25 Registration Fee (until 11/8); $35 (11/9-11/14); $40 (11/15 & Race Day)
Begins at 9 AM
Location: Vegas PBS, 3050 E Flamingo Road

November 17 – Rock ‘n’ Roll
½ of the Half (6.5 mi) - $80-$90 (depends on how soon you register)
½ Marathon - $180 (until 11/10 or Sell Out)
Marathon - $180 (until 11/10 or Sell Out)
Begins at 3:30 for ½ of the Half; 4:30 for ½ Marathon & Marathon
Location: Mandalay Bay

November 21 – Turkey Trot 5k
$28 Registration Fee (until 11/15); $35 (11/16-11/21)
Begins at 7 AM
Location: Las Vegas Premium Outlets South, 7400 S Las Vegas Blvd

November 23 – Superhero Dash
$40 Registration Fee
Begins at 9 AM
Location:  Downtown Las Vegas – Fremont Street Experience

November 24 – PJ 5K
$35 Registration Fee (chip timed); $30 (untimed)
Begins at 4:30 PM
Location: Las Vegas Motor Speedway

November 28 – Catch the Gobbler 5K
$28 Registration Fee (until 11/20); $35 (11/21-11/26): $40 (Race Day)
Begins at 7 AM
Location: Bunker Family Park

November 28 – Hoover Dam Turkey Trot
$40 Registration Fee; $45 (Race Day)
Begins at 8 AM
Location: Hoover Dam

December 7 – The Rockin Reindeer Run
$35 (until 11/30); $40 (12/1-12/7)
Begins at 11 AM
Location: The RoadRunner, 4820 W Flamingo

December 14 – Ho-Ho-Ho Horrendously Ladies Fun Christmas Run
$38 Registration Fee (non-LVRR Members); $32 (LVRR members)
Begins 8 AM
Location: Bruce Trent/Angel Park Trail

December 14 – Ugly Sweater Run
$39 Registration Fee (Early); $44 (starting 11/14); $50 (Day of Race)
Begins at 11 AM
Location: Downtown Las Vegas – 601 Fremont Street

December 21 – Come Run with Santa 5k
$28 (until 12/13); $35 (12/14-12/19); $40 (Race Day)
Begins at 7 AM
Location: Findlay Chevrolet (I-215, South Rainbow)

December 31 – Resolution Run
$30 Registration Fee (until 11/27); $35 (until 12/11); $40 (until 12/29)
Begins at 4 PM
Location: Kellogg-Zaher Park