TV Turn off Week coming up!

When it comes to being healthy it is all about moderation. Balance is key. Finding a balance for the amount of screen time we watch is all part of that balance and having a healthy active lifestyle.  According to the Kaiser Family Foundation (, kids ages 8–18 now spend, on average, a whopping 7.5 hours in front of a screen for entertainment each day, 4.5 of which are spent watching TV. Over a year, that adds up to 114 full days watching a screen for fun. That’s just the time they spend in front of a screen for entertainment! That’s not including screen time related to homework.
We invite you to join us this coming week to participate in TV Turn-off Week! TV Turn-off week is a nationally recognized event that officially takes place on April 29th – May 5th this year but you can implement TV Turn-off Week at your house any week you choose.
TV Turn-off week is a fun way to promote reducing the use of television, video games and other screen devices. Turning off these devices is a great opportunity to improve your health and the health of your family.  This can also be a great way to spend time with your family doing other activities. Cutting back on tele¬vision and video games is a great way to find the time to play outside, take a walk, or try new activi¬ties as a family.

If you’d like to participate in TV Turn-off Week you may download materials from our website at
Happy Screen-Free Week!.

Neon to Nature Video

Watch this short video on the work we have been doing to enhance and promote trails in your neighborhood.

5 under 500….five fast food meals under 500 calories

Eating at home is generally healthier and less expensive than eating out. It allows you to spend valuable time with your family and in general meals eaten at home have fewer calories, sodium and fat than restaurant meals.

However, in the last fifty years, the money spent on fast food or food eaten away from home has increased from 26 percent to 49 percent. Americans now buy and consume food away from home an average of four times a week which can mean an extra eight pounds a year. The more we eat away from home, the more those pounds add up. So when we do have to eat out it is even more important to make healthy choices, but who has time to calculate the calories at a fast food restaurant?

We have created five meals under 500 calories for several fast food restaurants. Over the next several weeks, we will be posting the five under 500 meals for at least one fast food restaurant. So stay tuned.

Below you can find our first posting for McDonald’s.

Meal One:
4pc Chicken McNuggets - 190 calories
1 pkg of sauce - 45-60 calories
Small Fries - 230 calories
Small/Medium Diet Coke - 0 calories
Total Calories - 465-480

Meal Two:
Happy Meal 4pc Chicken McNuggets - 190 calories
Kid Size Fries - 100 calories
Apple Slices - 15 calories
1% Low Fat Milk -100 calories
Total Calories - 405

Meal Three:
McChicken - 360 calories
Side Salad w/ fat free vinaigrette - 55 calories
Small Diet Coke - 0 calories
Total Calories - 480

Meal Four:
Regular Hamburger - 250 calories
Small Fries - 230 calories
Small Diet Coke - 0 calories
Total Calories - 480

Meal Five:
Filet-O-Fish - 390
Side Salad w/ fat free vinaigrette - 55
Small Diet Coke - 0
Total Calories - 445

Looking for something active to do outside this weekend?

Check out some of these options to get your family outside and moving this weekend:

Your local park is an easy to access crowd pleaser.  Parks offer a variety of amenities for whatever activity you choose.  Check out the Places to Play to locate a park and the listed amenities near you. Also to find a trail near you check out the Neon to Nature website.

Want to try out a guided hike? Explore the scenic White Rock Canyon which leads directly to the Colorado River below Hoover Dam. View Ringbolt Rapids and a well known hot-spring on the Arizona side of the river. This is a moderate six-mile hike. For information and reservations call the Lake Mead Visitor Center at 702-293-8990, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Reservations are required on all hikes. Please leave dogs at home.

This Saturday come visit the Las Vegas Farmers Market (10 a.m. - 4 p.m.) at Floyd Lamb park to pick up fresh local produce! Also celebrate the Spring Fling this year on the same day at this location from noon to 4 p.m. It will be free community celebration with presentations, amusement rides, farmers’ market, jump houses, music, games, and make-it-and-take-it children’s crafts. Entry to the park will be free. Take your bikes and you can ride on the beautiful trails located at the park. For more information, call 229-8100. Address: 9200 Tule Springs Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89131

All things bikes! If you are looking to start riding bikes, this event might be a great place to start. The City of Henderson’s Bicycle Swap & Rally is the only event of its kind in the Las Vegas Valley. Event will include: Trade or sell gently used bikes of all kinds (road, mountain, time trial, triathlon, etc.) and spare parts, Vendor marketplace for new bicycles, parts & gear, Bike repair workshop & recycling, Safety course, Demonstrations & presentations. Food concessions available for purchase

Come visit the new Whitney Mesa Recreation Area. This beautiful 20-acre open space includes amazing scenery and barbecues, picnic tables, BMX area (under construction), lighted basketball court, covered picnic shelters, open grass area, playground, and walking course. Come take a walk and bring a picnic.

Check out Clark County Wetlands Park (7050 Wetlands Park Lane Las Vegas, NV 89122)
Come see all the new improvements that have been made to this park and experience the outdoors like never before. The 210-acre Nature Preserve trail is one of the city’s best-kept secrets. A favorite for wildlife viewing, the park is open from dawn to dusk. Wonderful walking trails are available! Follow trails along streams and keep your eye out for ponds and plants including willow, cottonwood trees and towering cattails. There are even viewing areas where you can watch birds and other wildlife without disturbing them. Pets aren’t allowed in Nature Preserve but if you did bring Fido, the Duck Creek Trails permit pets as long as they’re on a leash.