Thanksgiving Shopping Tips

It is the week before Thanksgiving and many of us are preparing for the big feast!  On the long list of to-do’s before the guests arrive is grocery shopping.  Just a few simple steps can make your shopping trip easier and healthier.  Just incorporate some of these strategies to ensure that you have the right foods for your healthy eating plan. 

• Plan Ahead. Plan your Thanksgiving dinner ahead of time and take an inventory of what you already have in your pantry so you know exactly what you need to buy.
• Make a List.  By making a list of what you need your shopping trip will be more efficient and will help you avoid impulse buying.  Try to stick to what is on your list, but don’t let your list prevent you from trying out new healthy foods.
• Download the Healthy Shopping List.   This list will help you make healthier choices at the grocery store.
• Do perimeter shopping.  Most often the fresh produce, meat and seafood departments can be found on the aisles on the outer edge of your grocery store, and that is where you want to concentrate most of your shopping.
• Don’t Go Shopping Hungry.  It can be hard to resist buying those high-fat high-calorie items especially when you are hungry.  So set yourself up for success and have a healthy snack before going to the store.
• Do Read the Food Labels.  Routinely checking food labels helps you compare the nutritional values of various products to make healthy choices. 
• Don’t forget the fiber.  This Thanksgiving load up on whole-grain breads and rolls, as well as brown rice and dried beans.  When shopping, look for the word “Whole” at the top of the ingredients list.
• Do go Green.  Fill your table with vegetables! Select those vegetables deepest in color. The dark color means higher concentrations of antioxidant vitamins.
• Don’t Dismiss the Frozen Produce.  Most frozen fruits and vegetables contain as many nutrients as fresh produce.   
• Join the Nutrition Challenge.  This free 8-week online program will help you increase the number of fruits and vegetables you eat each day. You will be able to track your daily and weekly progress throughout the program.  Register here

Nutrition Services Directory

The Nutrition Services Directory is a compilation of all known public sector nutrition related resources that are available in Nevada. Most are free, but some are available only to people who meet certain eligibility requirements.

It is designed to help individuals learn more about the following:

• Who to call if in need of food
•Where to get food
•Food assistance programs
•Food and nutrition education
•Credible food and nutrition information

 To download and print a copy