Things to do this weekend…

Darling Tennis Center. Want a great place to play tennis this weekend? Reserve a state of the art court for only a few dollars an hour. Playing here makes you feel like a tennis pro!
Moon Light Hike. On Friday May 28th come on a led a led easy one mile  hike to explore sections of the River Mountains Loop Trail and a sand wash near Boulder Beach at night! To discover the desert on this night, call 293-8990, for more information about time and location.

Moon Light Race. Want something a little faster pace?  Check out the Moonlight Madness: 5K, 10K or Half races on May 29th. A race at night is MUST DO experience everyone should have! For more information check out their website,

Bump ,set, spike it! We might not have beach access here in the valley, but don’t let that stop you from playing some volleyball. Go to our Places to Play webpage, select a zip code and look for the volleyball icon (or other park amenities).  Select a park where you can meet up with friends for a pickup game.

New Walk Around Nevada

The health district’s virtual Walk Around Nevada program added two new routes to complement its statewide 1,442-mile course. Registered participants can opt to walk the new Lake Mead route or the Lake Tahoe to Pyramid Lake route in Northern Nevada. These new routes vary in distance, but the miles still count toward the 1,442 miles that it takes to virtually walk around the state.

The online walking program is designed to encourage more physical activity and helps users track their activity by logging the number of steps they have taken or miles they have walked to make their way through the state. Virtual walking groups are available or can be started to encourage participation and keep users motivated. Users can log other activities and convert them into steps that help them travel round the states.
Each participate who completes the 1,442-mile journey is included in the Hall of Fame and receives a shirt. Random drawings are held for anyone who enters miles at least three times each week.

Join at

Get Healthy Meal Planner

Do you have too many carbs in your meal and not enough protein? Do your meals include enough vegetables to meet your family’s dietary needs? The Southern Nevada Health District can help everyone maximize their meal plans with its new online program Get Healthy Meal Planner.  The free program allows users to plan healthy meals using their favorite foods. It is available on

The program is free, however, it is limited to the first 3,000 people who register for it. It is available to Clark County residents only.

The Get Healthy Meal Planner works with users to create completely balanced meals. Users select their favorite foods and the Meal Planner will provide an interactive ‘report card’ to provide nutritional information about the food choices. The program is personalized and designed to meet each participant’s needs.

Once a meal is created, the Get Healthy Meal Planner will offer suggestions to improve it by highlighting nutritional information that might be lacking. In addition, the new program contains thousands of pre-planned meals that users can select to enjoy well-balanced selections.
Check it out at

Getting healthy is a journey. Not a destination.

We often think of being healthy as being on or off a big bandwagon. In our mind we make constant self assessments as to whether we are proudly driving the wagon or shamefully chasing after it. There seems to never be anything in between. We tend to think in terms of absolutes. We try to simplify the complexities of “healthy” by putting ourselves in a category of being healthy or not being healthy.  Why do we do that? Is it possible to eat dessert and still be healthy? Absolutely! Why do we think of healthy in terms of these extremes?  Being healthy is not an all or nothing type of thing. Indulging in dessert doesn’t make you unhealthy for the rest of the day or week.
This way of absolute thinking can really sidetrack you from your goals and be really discouraging. How often have you found yourself thinking that since you didn’t eat the way you thought you should at lunch, then the whole day was ruined and you might as well continue on your path of bad food choices. So you miss one workout, does that make you out of shape? No. These extreme types of thoughts need to be put in check. It is all about give and take. If you splurge at lunch go lighter at dinner. It is that simple. Don’t give up just because you ate practically the whole bag of cookies. Don’t think you have failed or ruined your idea of being healthy because of one meal on one day.  Stop looking at what bad things you ate and focus on the good things. Getting healthy is a journey. Not a destination. One day at a time, one meal at a time and one bite at a time.