Does eating oatmeal lower your blood pressure?

The truth is that all oatmeal contains the same amazing beta glucan which can help manage weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure.  However, one must be aware that instant oatmeal packages and regular oatmeal are two different animals.  According to Donna Feldman, MS, RD  flavored instant oatmeal contains added sweeteners which means more calories.  Also, a serving size in a packet of instant oatmeal contains less oats than the 1/2 cup dry oats serving size listed on a can of regular oatmeal.  Less oatmeal = less fiber and beta glucan.  However, in general, all oatmeal is good heart-healthy oatmeal.

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I started eating oatmeal,not instant,but regular,1/2 cup portion a day,and I was so surprised how my blood pressure went down and has been at a great number ever since,so oatmeal does lower blood pressure!

Oatmeal has lowered my blood pressure so much that I am off all meds, it does work!! One bowl, a half cup cooked per day did the trick, never would have believed it! Dont use instant, old fashioned quick oats and my blood p. was really high, and it still brought it down quite a lot. Give it a try for a month and see how you do!

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