Myth: Sugar Causes Diabetes

Fact: A common nutrition myth is probably the misconception that sugar causes diabetes. If you have diabetes, you do need to watch your sugar and carbohydrate intake, to properly manage your blood sugar level. However, if you do not have diabetes, sugar intake will not cause diabetes. So far, a diet high in calories, being overweight and an inactive lifestyle are the main risk factors for Type 2 diabetes. For more information about diabetes please visit

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Does eating oatmeal lower your blood pressure?

The truth is that all oatmeal contains the same amazing beta glucan which can help manage weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure.  However, one must be aware that instant oatmeal packages and regular oatmeal are two different animals.  According to Donna Feldman, MS, RD  flavored instant oatmeal contains added sweeteners which means more calories.  Also, a serving size in a packet of instant oatmeal contains less oats than the 1/2 cup dry oats serving size listed on a can of regular oatmeal.  Less oatmeal = less fiber and beta glucan.  However, in general, all oatmeal is good heart-healthy oatmeal.

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Let’s Move!

Childhood obesity is a major health problem among the kids of this nation and this state. This topic got a lot of attention this week as first lady Michelle Obama took on this initiative!
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We need to get moving! Join First Lady Michelle Obama, community leaders, teachers, doctors, nurses, moms and dads in a nationwide campaign to tackle the challenge of childhood obesity. Let’s Move! has an ambitious but important goal: to solve the epidemic of childhood obesity within a generation. Let’s Move will give parents the support they need, provide healthier food in schools, help our kids to be more physically active, and make healthy, affordable food available in every part of our country.

A slice of heaven….

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like pizza? Nearly every mouth waters at the thought of sweet tomato sauce, tangy toppers, and that rich golden-brown crust, baked to perfection. This combination food can be a healthy choice; however it often ends up being an indulgent, high fat, calorie-packed nightmare. Whether you’re starting from scratch, opening a convenient frozen creation, or placing an order at your favorite pizzeria, the following pizza pointers will surely come in handy. 

Here are some calories counts on some of your favorite pizza places.

Pizza Hut Personal Pan supreme    3 slices  722 calories
Pizza Hut Meat Lovers Pan Pizza  2 slices  680 calories
Domino’s Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza 2 slices  780 calories
Papa John’s Thin Crust Pepperoni  3 slices  800 calories
Papa John’s Pan Crust Cheese Pizza  2 slices  760 calories

Consider the Crust
Crust is the foundation of your pizza, so be creative and open your mind to new crust possibilities.  A slice of thin crust pizza can be crispy and satisfying for only 200 calories compared to a cheese filled crust that can pack up to 500 calories or more per slice.

Load It Up
Pile on the vegetable and fruit toppings—mushrooms, olives, green peppers, broccoli, onions, spinach, pineapple, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers—for less fat, less calories, more fiber and more vitamins A and C.

If Meat is a Must…
While pepperoni may be the favorite it can add an extra 50 calories per slice, opt for leaner meats such as ground turkey, extra lean ground beef, white meat chicken, lean ham, or Canadian bacon instead. Seafood lovers can try water-packed shrimp, tuna, or crab.

Say “Cheese…Just a Little, Please”
Forget doubling the cheese, cut it in half!  This means you get half the calories and there will still be plenty of cheese left on the pizza.  You also can order a cheese-less vegetable or chicken pizza with a dash of olive oil or even a little Parmesan cheese.   It is a great way to cut calories and not cut taste.
Avoid the extras.  Avoid garlic butter, or ranch dipping sauces, and extras like breadsticks.  These items are extremely high in calories and fat.