It’s easy to think of reasons the rain put a damper on things these past few weeks. But one unique thing that the rain brought was tons of snow! This weekend take the opportunity to get outdoors and go up to Mt. Charleston for some fun in the snow.
To get to Mt. Charleston go on 95 North toward Reno. Turn left at Lee Canyon road/ SR 156 Exit. Follow this road about 15 miles and Fox Tail should be on the left side.  The Fox Tail Picnic area is a safe place to go sledding because it is free of trees and boulders and the sledding runs are well established. It is open daily from 10 am -4pm and the cost is $10 for all day use. A bonus to this location is that they have heated bathrooms!
Maybe you don’t want to do hard-core sledding or you don’t want to pay for your snow experience, no problem just head over to Lee Meadows where the snow experience is free. The sledding is not as great as Fox Tail Picnic area and not as maintained.  Lee Meadows is a great place to take the kids to experience the snow in a large open area. You can build snowman, have snow ball fights, make snow angels and have fun in the snow! Most people just park along the side of the road across the street, which is fine, just be sure you have all four wheels to the right of the white lane. This helps to prevent blocking traffic or parking tickets.
Another great idea for getting out in the snow is snowshoeing. The forest service is sponsoring FREE guided snow shoe hikes this winter. For more info please call Marge Becker at 702-839-5566.
To find out the road conditions and whether or not chains are required to get up to Mt. Charleston for that day just call 511.
For more detailed information check out this website.

10 in 10…coming soon!

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The ten in ten challenge can help you lose 10 lbs. in 10 weeks and help you make healthier diet and exercise choices for your life. Sign up and get tips resources and other hlepful info . Coming FEB 2010.

Barriers to your sucessful workout….

Finding time to get back into a workout routine brings with it some obstacles that may seem difficult to overcome.  Between soccer and band practice, running errands and getting dinner on the table, who has time to work out?  Well with a little effort you can. Here are some suggestions for scheduling that workout into your day.
When it comes to making time to work out the first step is planning.  For most of us our day usually doesn’t just naturally lead to a workout, we need to make an active effort to make it happen. Our car doesn’t just automatically drive to the gym and our shoes don’t just slip on our feet without some effort on our part. Planning is that effort that makes our workout happen. Look at your routine and identify slots of time during the week that you could fit in 30 minutes of working out. Maybe it’s right after work before you go home, maybe it’s first thing in the morning or perhaps right before you go to bed. Either way pick a time when it is easy for you to schedule your activity time into your day.
Don’t treat this commitment as a suggestion; look at this scheduled time as an appointment. When we schedule a hair appointment it is not an option time, it’s an appointment. Think of your workout  time as  appointment that you need to keep like any other meeting you need to go be to.  Schedule it on your calendar and write it down on your list of things to do.
Tell your husband, children, boy/girlfriend your plan.  They can help you achieve your goal.  Maybe your boyfriend can make dinner, or your husband can pick the kids up, so you can fit in a workout.
Planning ahead will help you stay on track and help you make time to be active, even when you don’t think you have any!


Drink up…Water!

Hopefully your resolution of hitting the gym or working out more hasn’t worn off yet. And if that is the case it’s important to remember to keep hydrated. Dehydration can have a serious negative effect on the way the body functions. A major cause of muscle cramps is dehydration. It’s important to hydrate properly no matter the weather. Don’t forget to drink some water!
Hydration tips include:
Drink 14-22 oz of water two hours before you workout…this is like one and half water bottles
Drink 6-12 oz every 15-20 min. during activity ( about a half a water bottle)
Drink on a schedule rather than relying on thirst. Take a water bottle to work or school and drink throughout the day.  See how many times you can drink the whole thing and fill it up again.
Check the volume and color and odor of your urine to test your hydration status. If your urine is a small volume, dark yellow color and has a strong odor you may be dehydrated.
If you don’t like the taste of water add a flavor packet to your water bottle or add cucumbers, lemon or strawberries. This will give your water some flavor and make it more enjoyable to drink.

Learn to say when in 2010!

Does “Healthy and Happy Eating” sound impossible this year? Resolve to do these two small steps and learn to say when in 2010!

Don’t swear off a single food and instead eat a smidge less every meal. Leave two bites at every meal.  Eat exactly as you have always eaten, except forgo a couple bites at the end. I promise won’t miss those last few bites and you will cut out about 100 calories each day. By the end of the week you could save yourself from digesting 700 calories a week, which could be the tipping point for gaining those extra pounds this year.  Turn in your membership to the “Clean your plate club” and leave your plate with your last few bites!

Cook at home one more night than normal each week. Studies show we eat out four meals a week. When it comes to restaurant food we know how large the servings can be and its usually high in fat and calories. We might not normally eat that same amount of food if we were cooking and eating at home. Cut down one less night spent eating out during the week this year and chances are you will see some real results.