I am not a runner but would like to be. How do I start?

Running legend Hal Higdeon has a great way to help you train to start running. He has outlined a simple 30 day plan. Try it out! It works!

30/30 Plan: Here’s a simple 30/30 plan to get you going, featuring 30 minutes of exercise for the first 30 days.
1.     Walk out the door and go 15 minutes in one direction, turn around, and return 15 minutes to where you started: 30 minutes total.
2.     For the first 10 minutes of your workout, it is obligatory that you walk: No running!
3.     For the last 5 minutes of your workout, it is obligatory that you walk: Again, no running!
4.     During the middle 15 minutes of the workout, you are free to jog or run–as long as you do so easily and do not push yourself.
5.     Here’s how to run during those middle 15 minutes: Jog for 30 seconds, walk until you are recovered, jog 30 seconds again. Jog, walk. Jog, walk. Jog, walk.
6.     Once comfortable jogging and walking, adapt a 30/30 pattern: jogging 30 seconds, walking 30 seconds, etc.
Follow this 30/30 pattern for 30 days. If you train continuously (every day), you can complete this stage in a month. If you train only every other day, it will take you two months. Do what your body tells you. Everyone is different in their ability to adapt to exercise. When you’re beginning, it is better to do too little than too much.
If you continue this 30/30 routine for 30 days, you will finish the month able to cover between one and two miles walking and jogging. You are now ready to progress to the next stage of your training as a beginning runner. For more information on training, check out my 5-K Training Guide, or consider purchasing a copy of my easy-to-read booklet, Beginning Runner’s Guide. The cost is only $5.00, including postage, and it may be the best money you ever have spent.

Are you drinking yourself fat?
Low fat milk vs. whole milk ?

Drinking milk is an important part of a healthy diet but not all milk is created equal. Depending what kind of milk you drink can play an important role in reaching or maintaining a healthy weight. A simple choice at the grocery store can have a huge effect on your health. When you reach for the milk jug at the grocery store choose low fat (1%) or skim milk instead of whole or 2%. Contrary to what you might think, 1% or skim milk has the same nutrients and vitamins but without all the fat!

Low fat milk has:
Same calcium
Same Protein
Same minerals and vitamins
Fewer calories
Less fat

You can get all the same great nutrients but not add all the extra fat to your diet! Love this idea but you aren’t sure how to make the switch? Take your time and transition in steps over three weeks:

Week one:  Switch between whole and 2%
Week Two: Switch from 2% to 1%.
Week Three: Switch from 1% to skim.
Even if you can’t make the switch down to skim be proud you made some improvement. Children 2yrs and older should be drinking low fat or fat free milk. They no longer need the extra fat in their diets.

Additional Tips for switching:
Mix half whole with half 1% for a slower transition.
Switch quickly - don’t tell anyone, and just buy 1% or skim milk.
Pour lower fat milk into a pitcher so children don’t see milk jug.
Put a red cap/top from a whole milk jug onto a jug of lower fat milk so children don’t notice anything different about the container.