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Get Healthy Halloween Tips:

Healthier Trick or Treating Options

For younger kids, try small toys like:
• Temporary tattoos or stickers
• Super bouncy balls
• Colorful Pencils

For candy try:
• Sugar-free gum
• Fat free candy like fruit smacks/gummies, SweetTarts, Smarties, Twizzlers, Tootsie Rolls, or Skittles
• Lower-fat chocolate candies like York Peppermint Patties, 3Musketeers, or Junior Mints
• Try giving out the smallest size of candy (the smaller the bar/package, the lower the fat and calories.)

On Halloween Night
• Make sure children eat a healthy meal before they go trick-or-treating so that candy is a dessert and not  dinner.
• Make sure children travel in groups and/or with an adult.
• Give children flashlights for added visibility
• Accessorize with glow-in-the-dark necklaces or bracelets or use reflective tape.
• Check collected items before allowing children to eat them.

After running for years, my legs seem more defined. I have increased my speed. Would that account for my increased muscle definition?

Great to know you’re still putting in the mileage after so many years.
The answer to your question can go a few different ways.  The running speed, and how much you tax your legs can make a huge difference, especially if your giving them good recovery time.

Have you started eating leaner foods, and less pasta, dairy, or bread?

I always tell my clients, “if you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never did.”  With that being said, it sounds like you have pushed your legs out of their comfort zone, so in return you have new results!

To increase that resistance don’t be afraid to add a steep hill in that mileage if you don’t already do so.  That incline will definitely get those tear drops of the quad muscles looking great!!
-Dominic French, Sr., BS, ACE

Calling for healthy recipes and tips…

We want to hear from you! Please send us your healthy recipes. It seems as though nobody has the time to prepare healthy meals for their families. We want to share recipes that will help stretch your food dollars and make something healthier for the family at the same time. We are looking for recipes that include fruits or veggies and don’t take too much time to prepare…like 30 minutes or less to create, or something you can take a few minutes to prep and then cook.

Don’t know if your recipe is healthy? Or want us to give your favorite recipe a healthy make over?  Send in your recipes to us and we can suggest ways to put a healthy spin to your favorite dishes.

We will offer random prizes to recipe contributors!

Leave a comment or email us at

Where is the hot spot for being active this weekend?

The hot spot this weekend is the Viva Bike Vegas event put on by the RTC.  It is one of the biggest cycling events in Las Vegas with proceeds going to the NV Cancer Institute and After School All-stars. Riders of all ages and skill level are invited to come out and ride along a course that traverses the valley and is designed to expose you to the “adventurous” side of Las Vegas with its beautiful scenery, stunning vistas, and colorful mountainscapes. Choose from various course lengths, 118-mile, 62-mile, 35-mile, and the fun martini mile with the mayor. After your ride, enjoy the festival where there will be games for the kids, booths and food! In Las Vegas, our local roadways contain about 260 miles of on-street bicycle lanes and bike routes, with more than 1,100 additional miles in the works. That is a lot!
So dust of those bikes and get out there and enjoy this great weather!!
Check out the RTC webpage for more information:



Isn’t fresh best?

We’ve all heard that it’s important for us to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. When it comes to produce, freshness is almost always the number one thing compaines tout. They even help give us visuals of orange tree fields and rows of corn. They do everything they can to make us feel like our produce was just picked from the tree and brought directly to the store for us to consume. So fresh must be the best, right?
The truth is fruits and vegetables don’t have to be fresh to be benefical. Frozen and canned are just as good!
Canned and frozen fruits and vegetables are just as nutritious as fresh since they are usually processed immediately after harvest. This helps them retain most of their nutrient value. They also tend to be less expensive and more convient because you can store them for longer periods of time.

You would be surprised at how many varieties of fruits and vegetables are stocked at your local grocery store in the frozen and canned section. Next time you are at the store check out what is available!