Be sugar savy this summer! Drink more water.

What are sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs)? Sugar-sweetened beverages are beverages that contain added sugars and include popular drinks such as:

• Soft drinks/soda pop/ soda
• Fruit drinks, punches, or “-ades”
• Sports drinks
• Tea and Coffee drinks
• Energy drinks
• Sweetened/Flavored milks

What’s the problem with sugar-sweetened beverages?

• Sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) including non-diet sodas, energy drinks, and fruit drinks have been associated with obesity, and obesity-related illnesses.
• Nevada has the second highest prevalence of fruit drink consumption among persons aged 18-34 years and is the highest prevalence of African-Americans and     Hispanics who consume fruit-drinks on a regular basis.
• Children and adolescents are major consumers of sugar-sweetened beverages and this consumption has been associated with the rising levels of childhood      obesity.
• Calories from liquid beverages contribute to weight gain at higher levels than solids foods do, and also lack comparable nutrient content when compared to     calories consumed from solid foods.
• Sugar-sweetened beverages are the largest source of added sugar to the American diet.
• Several health conditions have been linked to consumption of excess SSB’s including diabetes, dental carries, and cardiovascular disease.

Healthy Alternatives:

• Water: Try water infused with added citrus or sliced cucumbers.
• 100% Vegetable Juice: Packed with flavor; high in vitamins C, A, and potassium and around 50 calories per cup. If possible choose the low sodium versions.
• Non-fat or low-fat milk: High in calcium and protein—and you need both. You could also try soy milk, rice milk or almond milk.
• Light yogurt and fruit smoothie: Creamy and sweet, high in calcium and only about 170 calories per cup.
• Tea, unsweetened: Get a boost on less than five calories per cup, plus it’s high in antioxidants

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