Be a Water Watcher-PATROL

May is National Water Safety month and we are here to help keep you and your children safe! In April, SNHD released our new drowning prevention campaign, “Be a Water Watcher”.  This encourages adults to be vigilant and always designate a water watcher when children are in or around water.  Being a water watcher means focusing on the three P’s, “Patrol, Protect, and Prepare”.  The data shows that the number one preventative measure is constant supervision which lands under, “Patrol”.

-Always designate an adult to actively watch children in the water.
-Most tragedies occur in seconds, the time it takes to answer your phone.
-Do not drink alcohol while supervising children in and around water.

When it comes to pool safety there are many layers of protection that should always be implemented.  Designating a water watcher is just one of those layers. Click on the American Red Cross to see other layers of protection that can help save a child’s life!

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