Tips to reduce sodium

Most of us consume too much sodium in our diets. In fact, most of us consume nearly 50% more than the daily recommended limit. It is not hard to understand why when a large portion of the sodium consumed comes from processed and prepared foods, not just the salt shaker. Here is a breakdown of where the sodium in our diet comes from; 5% added during cooking, 6% added at the table, 77% processed or prepared foods. Excess sodium increases the risk for high blood pressure, a leading cause of heart disease and stroke.  One in three Americans adults has high blood pressure. Taking steps to reduce sodium intake can help prevent premature deaths and heart conditions.

What Can You Do? Here are some tips on reducing sodium in your diet.
1.Prepare meals at home.

2.Limit foods with more than 200mg of sodium per serving.

3.Learn to read food labels for percent Daily Value or amount of sodium in milligrams.

4.Use herbs and spices to flavor foods instead of reaching for the saltshaker.

5.Select fresh or frozen food over canned foods. If using canned goods select the lowest level of sodium and rinse before using to remove additional sodium.

6.Prepare your own meals to control the sodium content. 

7.When available, buy low-sodium, lower sodium, reduced-sodium, or no salt-added.

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