Healthy Holiday Season to You!

The holidays are a very busy time for many families.  There is shopping to do, parties to attend, children’s activities, oh and guests at your house!  During this busy time, we can often forget about the healthy habits that we have adopted through the rest of the year.  This holiday season, don’t let those healthy habits slip, pick one or two of these healthy habits to do with your family.

-Plan a healthy dish. Use fruits or veggies.
-Take a walk with the family.
-Play in the snow, if you are heading somewhere cold.
-Have a dance party.
-Eat less.
-Get more sleep.
-Skip the soda.
-Eat your meals at home.

Wishing you a healthy holiday season! Enjoy time with your friends and family this week. We look forward to keeping you healthy in the New Year.

Curb Your Cravings

This time of year there is constant access to candy, goodies, chocolates and sweets. And although complete avoidance this time of year is not very realistic, it can be really difficult to moderate amounts. The calories in these sweet treats add up quickly, making it difficult to maintain weight control. Coming up with a personal goal for eating sweets in moderation is only part of the problem. The bigger challenge is sticking with it. Here are a few tips to help you curb your cravings.

Identify the sweets you enjoy most in life and stick to small amounts of them. Don’t bother eating things that you don’t really like but are available. Save your sweet picks for things that you really want to eat or things that you only eat this time of year.

Limit the variety around you. If chocolate or cookies are your weakness, stock your home with only one flavor at a time. If you’re eating out, avoid multi-dessert buffets where you’re tempted to sample many kinds of desserts.

Focus on what you will do not what you won’t do. Instead of thinking about the treats you are not going to eat, think about what you are doing to do instead.  Eat a piece of fruit or drink some water instead.

The holidays are about more than food so plan activities and new traditions to keep the focus off of all the treats and food. Most of all enjoy this time of year with family and friends!

Wishing you a safe holiday season

Although we probably won’t be traveling over the river and through the snow in a horse-drawn sleigh to see our families this holiday season, coming home for the holidays is exciting. Before you pack up the car and bundle up the kids– or whatever else is on your list before you go – here are five quick tips to help you and your family stay safe for the holiday.

•In the car: Colder weather means lots of layers of clothing. But remember, bulky winter clothes and coats can keep a car seat from doing its job. Instead, cover your child with a thick blanket to stay warm after you’ve securely strapped him or her into the car seat.

•In the kitchen: During the holidays, things are guaranteed to get a little busy. To help keep hot food out of the reach of little hands, be sure that pot handles and other dishes aren’t close to the edge of the counter or table where they could be pulled down by curious kids.

•Around the house. Always use the proper step ladder; don’t stand on chairs or other furniture. Make sure paths are clear so no one trips on wrapping paper, decorations, or toys,

•Wherever the medicine is stored: Kids get into medication in all sorts of places, like in purses and nightstands. In fact, in 67 percent of medicine-related ER visits, the medicine was within reach of a child, such as in a purse, left on a counter or dresser, or found on the ground. A good rule of thumb: “Up, up and away.” Keep medications out of reach and out of sight. 

•In the room where you sleep: For many of us, holiday travel means we’ll be spending the night away from home. While you might be fine sleeping on the couch or an air mattress, make sure your baby always sleeps in a safe crib, bassinet or pack-n-play.

Have a Safe Holiday Season!