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Which type of activity tracker should I buy?

These days there are lots of choices when it comes to activity trackers and that can leave you wondering which one to buy.  Here are some things to keep in mind as you decide which one is best for you:

Buy what you need.

Trackers can vary in price depending on the features. More expensive models include lots of features like display, heart rate monitors and GPS. These are geared towards exercise enthusiasts and people who specifically use these features in their workouts. If you are just looking for a tracker to wear while walking there is no need to spend the money on feature you will never use!

Select the type.

Trackers come in watches, bracelets, and clip-type forms. Bracelets and watch types are worn on your wrist and while  not as easy to lose, can get in the way when typing or writing. Plus, they also might not always match your outfits. While the Clip-type can be hidden under clothing, it can be easier to forget about or lose and may not have a display. You have to use your smart phone to check your progress. Knowing which form you like will help you narrow your purchase

Like the look.

It doesn’t matter how great the tracker is if you don’t like the look, you won’t wear it. Find a tracker that is comfortable for you, that you think you will use daily, since that is the point!

Check the sync time.

DO you want your device to sync automatically so you can  get real time stat or is that not as important to you?  Tracker sync time can vary depending on device so find a sync time that works for your needs.

Match to your other devices.

Check to see if your tracker will work with your current equipment like your computer or phone. Some trackers only work with specific brand products. Many have mobile apps but others are strictly designed for desktop computer interaction. Nothing is worse than buying something you think will work with what you have and then finding out it doesn’t!
Trackers can be a great tool to help you be more active and healthy. And by doing just a little research you can ensure that it is something you use, and doesn’t go into the junk pile that you end up donating along with the shake weight you bought! 

Eating healthy when eating out

Eating out and being healthy do not seem like they should go together but there is no reason why they can’t! The good news is that many restaurants are adding healthier menu options so it’s possible to get a fairly nutritious meal on the go. Here are some useful tips to help you eat healthier when dining out:
•Think ahead. Check the menus online for calorie and nutrition information. Select your healthy meal prior to entering the restaurant. Stick to your plan and do not be swayed by the sights, smells, and people around you.

•Order first. That way you won’t be swayed by what others are your table are ordering.

•Have a plan. If you know you are eating out for dinner cut back on the calories on other meals that day. 

•Ask for water,  fat-free or low-fat milk, unsweetened tea, and stay away from sugary beverages.

•Ask for whole-wheat bread for sandwiches.

•Start your meal with a salad packed with veggies, to help control hunger and feel satisfied sooner. And ask for salad dressing to be served on the side. Then use only as much as you want.

•Choose main dishes that include vegetables, such as stir fries, kebobs, or pasta with a tomato sauce.

•Think color. The more color in a meal usually means more fruits and veggies.

•Order steamed, grilled, or broiled dishes instead of those that are fried or sautéed.

•Choose a small” or “medium” portion. This includes main dishes, side dishes, and beverages.

•If main portions at a restaurant are larger than you want you can order an appetizer-sized portion or a side dish instead of an entrée. Consider  sharing a main dish with a friend or taking half of it home.

•Resign from the “clean your plate club” - when you’ve eaten enough, leave the rest.

Check out our 5 meals under 500 calories and take the guess work out of eating healthy at some of the local fast food joints.