Sitting too much

Our entire modern world makes it a whole lot easier to just sit .When at work,  we sit at our desk.  When driving home, we sit in our cars.  When at home, we sit in front of the TV. 

Studies are showing that prolonged periods of sitting are not good for our health.  We need to be moving more throughout the day!  Less Sitting!  More Moving!  Here are some tips to get you up and moving throughout the day:

- Stand or walking at least once an hour.
- If you have the choice, stand rather than sit.
- Walk while on the phone
- Instead of sending an email, go deliver the message in person
- Park farther away from the building
- Walk to the farthest restroom in the office
- Walk at lunch
- Don’t use the drive-up window.  Park the car and walk to the counter or ATM.
- Multitask while watching TV.  Get up and move during commercials.

Moral of this post.  Move More!  Sit Less!

Find walking trails in vegas valley

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The Neon to Nature app mirrors our web based program but is mobile! It allows users to find urban or rural trails and parks in neighborhoods throughout valley. Detailed information about each trail is provided such as its location, distance, surface type, and its level of difficulty as well as photos and available amenities. Trail maps are included too!

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