Movie Munchies

Chances are the last time you went to the movies; you bought something from the concession stand. Maybe you got a small popcorn and a small drink, or a box of Reese’s Pieces and a lemonade. Did you realize that both of those snacks pack over 600 calories each? Here are some tips to help you make movie night more figure friendly.

Cheaper by the Dozen? How many times have you been told by a concession stand worker that for a dollar more, you can get large popcorn or a super‐sized soda? That might be true, but you will also double or even triple the calories, resist the urge!

Re‐think your drink. Opt for diet soda instead of a regular or super‐sized, super‐sugary soda or Slurpee. Or, share a drink with someone…purchase one drink and ask for two cups.

Share a snack. If you want candy or popcorn, share it with someone. Your sweet tooth is satisfied, and you cut back on the calories.

Don’t have a meltdown! Instead of asking for extra melted butter on your popcorn, request no butter at all. Doing this will save you lots of calories.

Do I need it? Ask yourself if you really need a snack or if its something you can skip?

Remember lots of these foods are available at more places than just the movies, so be sure to apply your calorie saving tips the next time you’re at the game, carnival, play, or fair!

Dance is exercise too!

Check out Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell and First Lady Michelle Obama as they show their moves and prove that dance is exercise too. Kale chips anyone?

Jump Start Your Winter Workout!

It is typical to experience weight gain during the winter season and often times we don’t end up losing those extra pounds the rest of the week. Year after year, the pounds can add up! To prevent winter weight gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle it is important to maintain your activity levels all year round.

Below are some tips to help you stay active this winter:

•Develop a set of regular activities that you can always do—no matter what the weather holds. For example, walk around your local mall or swim at your local community center.
•Mix it up! Don’t get stuck in a workout rut. Try a new exercise every few weeks to keep motivated and ensure your body is using different muscles.
•Take advantage of winter activities like ice skating, sledding, skiing, or snowshoeing.
•Plan ahead. Make physical activity a regular part of your daily or weekly schedule and add it to your calendar.
•Make physical activity social. Invite a friend to exercise with you on a regular basis. Be sure your friend adds it to his or her calendar, too.

Enjoy the health benefits of staying active. Exercising regularly during the winter months will:

•Help reduce stress. The winter season can be a stressful time with family obligations, work pressure, and travel. Being active regularly can reduce your risk of depression and may help you sleep better.
•Help you maintain or lose weight. You gain weight when the calories you burn, including those burned during physical activity, are less than the calories you eat or drink.
•Help reduce your risk for chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and some forms of cancer.

Last week of Back to the 80s !

It is the last week of our flashback to the 80s!  We hope you have had as much fun as we did looking back to this RAD decade. The 80s was defined by music. Pop, rock, contemporary R&B, hip hop, electronic music or new wave, the 80s had something for everyone. Check out our back to the 80s webpage to read more about 80s and music.

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