Healthier Super Bowl Foods

Super Bowl Sunday is as much about the food as it is about the game. And like most traditions there is traditional food to go along with the game festivities. Super Bowl food is known for having a bad rap when it comes to calories and fat but it doesn’t have to be that way. Simple changes to your game day foods can have you serving the same great snacks but with a healthy twist. Here are some ideas and tips to keep in mind.

Bake not fried. Typical foods that are often served fried, like wings or French fries, can also be baked and served with little change to flavor.

Low-fat Dairy. Many recipes call for sour cream, cheese, ranch dressing, and cream cheese. By selecting the low-fat, non-fat, reduced fat or made with skim milk options, you can save on calories but not sacrifice any of the taste. Your guests won’t even notice that the sour cream on their nachos is non-fat!

Chili is a typical super bowl food because it is hearty, feeds a lot of people and easy to make.  Use ground turkey instead of ground beef, add more beans than meat, and sneak in some veggies like peppers and diced tomatoes.

Veggie Tray.  Having a veggie tray at your party for pre-game snacking is a great way to work in some healthy food without feeling like you will miss out on other favorites. Add a low-fat dip and you will be surprised at how quickly it will disappear.

Layered Bean dip is a traditional food but can also be a healthy food. By using beans, fresh tomatoes, a layer of lettuce, olives and green onions this will be the same delicious favorite it has always been.  Server with baked chips for a healthy touchdown!

Pizza party! Football is not the same without pizza. Top your pizza with a variety of veggies and select a whole wheat crust for a healthier version.

No matter whose team wins, everyone will enjoy the game, the commercials and of course the food!

Back to the 80s- Workout Gurus

The 80s produced a whole generation of fitness icons that inspired us to get moving and of course to buy their products! From Jane Fonda to Richard Simmons each had their own workout philosophy, personality and look. Sometimes all we need is a little motivation and inspiration to get moving towards our fitness goals.  This week on Back to the 80s we explore some of our old fitness gurus and why we loved them so much!  Read more at Back to the 80s.

A good fitness guru doesn’t have to be someone famous or producing a product. Experts can be found on blogs, websites, magazines and web videos.  For example the American Council on Exercise has loads of good information from real professionals. You can get advice from experts, browse workouts, view videos and listen to quick 15-minute podcasts with professionals.

With the technology that we have it is not hard to find free professional advice and expertise from some of the top gurus in our time!

Back to the 80s Week 2!

Fad diets have been around for hundreds of years, and the 80s were no exception! If you think the latest diet fad is new and never before seen, chances are we can trace the roots of it back to the 80s. For example, the 1985 Caveman diet is just a recycled version of the more modern Paleo Diet that is currently gaining popularity.  The truth about weight loss comes down to a simple formula: eat less and burn more.  Break that rule and all the carb-cutting, cleansing and  Paleo eating in the world won’t shed those pounds. No “diet” plan regardless of how new and great can change this truth.

This week on Back to the 80s we look back at some of our favorite fad diets, and provide you with some tips to know if those diet claims are bogus or worth a try! Be sure to log into our online programs to earn and chance to win some of our fabulous 80s prizes. For prizes this week we are giving away a Chia Herb garden!  “Ch-ch-ch-chia!” The Chia Pet line became a famous product in the early 80s and so we will be celebrating the 80s with this bad to bone prize!

Check out our Back to the 80s link!

Let’s Go Back to the 80s!

Here at Get Healthy we are paying homage to the 80s and all the totally awesome fitness fads that have us laughing now. Even though that decade created some crazy trends our health habits were not what they are now. Our obesity rates in the 80s were much lower than they are now. And over the next 5 weeks we will be paying homage to the 80s and enjoying a trip down memory lane in an effort to roll back our obesity rates to what they were.  Signup and participate in our online programs (Nutrition Challenge & Walk Around NV)  and you could win some totally awesome 80s themed prizes! So join us for some fun at Back to the 80s!

Resolution Twists for the New Year!

Have you found yourself making the same resolutions each year without ever making any progress?? By December you feel  more like a failure than a new person. This year instead of making the same type of resolutions commit to doing something different.

New DAY resolutions. Real lifestyle change happens one day at a time.  Focus on each new day and living a healthy lifestyle. Just make small and simple changes. Take a walk, pack your lunch from home, drink less soda etc.

Add something.  Our resolutions often times involve  ‘taking away’ or eliminating something.  That never seems fun to anyone. So instead of eliminating something focus on adding something. Like add one more serving of vegetables or fruit to your meal. Or add a healthy snack to your day. Add more water intake to your routine. Add 15 minutes to your bed time.

Try something new. Everyone has something that they have thought about wanting to do or try. Focus on trying a new activity or class. Maybe you have always wanted to try yoga or zumba. You have heard how easy or fun these classes can be, but you haven’t ever tried it. Set a goal to try it out this year. You might find that you really enjoy it and will have discovered a new passion.

Resolution feelings. Focus instead on how you want to feel at the end of this year and not so much on the endless list of things you should do or accomplish. If you want to feel healthier or happier by the end of the year let that desire guide your actions and goals.

The bottom line is that in one year it will be another year regardless of what each of us does with our time. You can either be the same person you are today or you can use the time to become who you really want to be.

Happy New Year!!