Cool Tips for Hot Days!

Everyone is talking about the weather this weekend. It is going to be HOT!  The hot weather can really put a crimp in your outdoor exercising plans. Whether you are just out for a walk or playing a pickup basketball game, be careful and take precautions to prevent heat-related illnesses.

How heat affects your body
Exercising in hot weather puts extra stress on your body. If you don’t take care when exercising in the heat, you risk serious illness. Both the exercise itself and the air temperature increase your core body temperature. To help cool itself, your body sends more blood to circulate through your skin. This leaves less blood for your muscles, which in turn increases your heart rate.

Heat-related illness

Under normal conditions, your skin, blood vessels and perspiration level adjust to the heat. But these natural cooling systems may fail if you’re exposed to high temperatures and humidity for too long, you sweat heavily and you don’t drink enough fluids. The result may be a heat-related illness.
During hot-weather exercise, watch for signs and symptoms of heat-related illness which include:
•Muscle cramps
•Nausea or vomiting

If you develop any of these symptoms, you must lower your body temperature and get hydrated. Stop exercising immediately and get out of the heat. If possible, have someone stay with you who can help monitor your condition. Remove extra clothing or sports equipment. Drink fluids — water or a sports drink. If possible, fan your body or wet down your body with cool water. If you don’t feel better within 30 minutes, contact your doctor. If you have signs of heatstroke, seek immediate medical help. Once you’ve had heatstroke, you’re at a higher risk of getting a heat illness again. Get cleared by your doctor before you return to exercise if you’ve had heatstroke.

How to avoid heat-related illnesses
When you exercise in hot weather, keep these precautions in mind:
Watch the temperature. Pay attention to weather forecasts and heat alerts. Know what the temperature is expected to be for the duration of your planned outdoor activity.
Get acclimated. If you’re used to exercising indoors or in cooler weather, take it easy at first when you exercise in the heat. As your body adapts to the heat over the course of one to two weeks, gradually increase the length and intensity of your workouts.
Know your fitness level. If you’re unfit or new to exercise, be extra cautious when working out in the heat. Your body may have a lower tolerance to the heat. Reduce your exercise intensity and take frequent breaks.
Drink plenty of fluids. Dehydration is a key factor in heat illness. Help your body sweat and cool down by staying well hydrated with water. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink. If you plan to exercise intensely or for longer than one hour, consider a sports drink instead of water. Sports drinks can replace the sodium, chloride and potassium you lose through sweating. Avoid  alcoholic drinks because they can actually promote fluid loss.
Dress appropriately. Lightweight, loosefitting clothing helps sweat evaporate and keeps you cooler. Avoid dark colors, which can absorb heat. If possible, wear a light-colored, wide-brimmed hat.
Avoid midday sun. Exercise in the morning or evening, when it’s likely to be cooler outdoors. If possible, exercise in shady areas — or do a water workout in a pool.
Wear sunscreen. A sunburn decreases your body’s ability to cool itself. And it hurts!
Have a hot weather backup plan. If you’re concerned about the heat or humidity, stay indoors. Work out at the gym, walk laps inside the mall or climb stairs inside an air-conditioned building.
Understand your medical risks. Certain medical conditions or medications can increase your risk of a heat-related illness. If you plan to exercise in the heat, talk to your doctor about precautions.
Heat-related illnesses are largely preventable. By taking some basic precautions, your exercise routine doesn’t have to be sidelined when the heat is on.

For more info check out the Mayo Clinic website.

5 meals under 500 calories…Subway


(Note: sandwiches include 9-grain wheat bread, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, green peppers and cucumbers)

Meal One
6 inch Roast Beef Sandwich-320
8oz Minestrone Soup-90
20oz Unsweetened Tea-0
Total Calories-410

Meal Two
6 inch Turkey Breast Sandwich-280
8oz Tomato Vegetable Soup-70
20oz Light Lemonade-15
Total Calories-365

Meal Three
6 inch BLT Sandwich-320
Baked Lay’s-130
20oz Unsweetened Tea-0
Total Calories-450

Meal Four
6 inch Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich-380
8oz Chicken Noodle Soup-110
Bottle Water 0
Total Calories-490

Meal Five
6 inch Steak & Cheese Sandwich-380
8oz Tomato Vegetable Soup-70
20oz Light Lemonade-15
Total Calories-465

Healthy Community to me is….

Being healthy is not just about individual choices. It’s not enough to know how to be healthy- we need readily available healthy options to choose. How healthy we are is often determined by the community we live in. Our environment can greatly influence our daily choices by creating or limiting access to quality food and opportunities for physical activity. If we want people to make healthy choices in Southern Nevada, we need to make sure the healthy choice is the easy choice. Ultimately  our goal is to create an environment that supports easy access to healthy lifestyle choices. Even small changes can impact the over healthy in our community. By creating safe and easy access to places to play and being active, we can make our community a healthier place to live. Together we can change our community and change our health!

Check out what other Southern Nevada residents think makes a healthy community.

5 meals under 500 calories…Sonic


Meal One
2pc Chicken Strips Kids Meal-200
Apple Slices-35
Fat-Free Caramel Dipping Sauce-70
1% Chocolate Milk-160
Total Calories-465

Meal Two
Corn Dog Kids Meal-210
Small Tots-220
12oz Iced Tea-Wacky Pack-5
Total Calories-435

Meal Three
Jr. Deluxe Cheeseburger-450
14oz Peach Iced Tea-5
Total Calories-455

Meal Four
Crispy Chicken Wrap-490
14oz Raspberry Iced Tea-5
Total Calories-495

Meal Five
Classic Chicken Sandwich (Grilled)-450
14oz Diet Coke-0
Total Calories-450

Get away without ditching your healthy habits.

The whole point of going on vacation is to get out of your routine, break up the monotony of life and have a fun time. How do you that without ditching all your healthy habits?

Pack your workout clothes. The biggest excuse for doing no activity while on vacation is not being properly equipped.

Work your physical activity into your plans. If you are vacationing in the mountains incorporate a hike into your day. If you are at the beach, take a walk along the shore or ride your bike along the boardwalk. And If you are heading to a theme park you will most likely do a lot of walking.

Play at the Park. There are unlimited options for active fun at parks and recreations areas across the country. Many are free and all you have to do is get out of the car and walk, run, stretch, roll, climb, paddle your way into a fun time.

Find a gym. If you belong to a national gym chain you can often find a gym wherever you are staying. If you are not a member, often time these gyms allow you to try out their facility for free for a week. If you are staying in a hotel, book a room with a hotel that provides a gym as an amenity.

Take breaks. If you are taking a road trip don’t think of stopping as a bad thing. Use bathroom breaks as activity breaks too. Park extra far from your rest stop and take a few laps around the perimeter while you wait for your traveling companions. Get some good stretching in before you hit the road again.

Walk while you wait. If you skip the road trip and take to the skies. Use your layovers as a way to get in a few extra steps. Resist the urge to sit near your gate and wait. Get up and walk around the terminal until it’s time to board your plane.

Time to put that little voice in check.

The little voice in your head can stop you before you even get started. It can make or break a workout plan in a matter of moments. And it can talk you out of the simplest of activities you had planned. Whether its rationalizing or self-defeating thoughts; that little voice can determine your success…IF you let it. Time to put that little voice in check!

If you little voice says this…..Try this.
Little Voice: “I’m too out of shape.”
Try This. Fitness comes in all shapes and sizes. Join a group or take a class with others who look or feel like you do. Want to go it alone? Start with short, 5-minute sessions and add more time each day.

Little Voice: “I don’t have time.”
Try This. Exercise a little at a time. Do 3 10-minute walks instead of 1 30-minute one.
Double up. Your chores can be exercise, too.
Fit exercise into your normal day: park far away, take the stairs, etc.
Trade half an hour of TV for a half an hour walk.

Little Voice: “I’m bored.”
Try This. Do things you like, not things you think you “have to” do.
Add fun to your exercise. Bring a friend. Listen to music, watch TV, or read while you exercise.
Change up your routes and routines.

Little Voice: “I’m too tired.”
Try This. Keep going. The more active you become, the more energy you’ll have and the easier it will be.

Little Voice: “Exercise hurts. I’ll hurt myself.”
Try This. Choose activities you’re comfortable with, especially swimming and walking which typically have lower injury rates.
Slow down. Increase your workouts gradually.

Little Voice: “I feel unmotivated.”
Try This. Read blogs. There are many people who struggled to be healthy and have succeeded and lived to write about their journey. There are lists of the “most inspirational weight loss blogs of 2013” that can suggest good blogs to read. You might find someone just like you that can motivate you to keep working on your goals.
Little Voice: “I feel guilty taking time for myself.”
Try This. Stick to your plans — and invite your friends and family to come along. You deserve good health, and you can’t take care of others if you’re not healthy, too. Tell your friends and family you care, and you’ll have more energy and a better mood when you’re with them if you take time for your health.

Little Voice: “The weather’s bad.”
Try This. Try different indoor and outdoor activities.
Get the right clothes and gear for the weather conditions.

5 meals under 500 calories….Taco Bell


Meal One
2 Crunchy Tacos-340
16oz Raspberry Ice Tea-160
Total Calories-500

Meal Two
Burrito Supreme:Beef-420
16oz Diet Pepsi-0
Total Calories-420

Meal Three
Crunchy Taco Supreme-200
Black Beans & Rice-200
Small Diet Pepsi-0
Total Calories-400

Meal Four
Bean Burrito-370
Mexican Rice-120
Bottle water-0
Total Calories-490

Meal Five
Black Beans-80
16oz Diet Pepsi-0
Total Calories-330