Moving and fun….

The best physical activities are those that combine moving and having a good time. One definition of a good time is VACATION! The goal of vacation time is to relax and have fun. Here are a few ways to have fun but be active.
•Dig into some sand. Build sand castles and swim in the ocean. Take a walk along the shore.
•Rent Bikes. See the town from a new perspective. Get out and explore first hand.
•Plan your vacations with a race in mind.  Visit a city you have been dying to go to and compete in a 5k or half marathon at the same time. Your race shirt will be a great souvenir.
•King of the Mountain. Find the tallest hill or mountain on your trip and get a bird’s eye view of your vacation spot.
•Walk around a museum. Many museums are big and interesting. Make the most of your time and walk around the grounds.
•Check out a local park. Every town has a park…go play frisbee golf, tennis, use the playground or take a nice walk around
•Swim! Book a hotel room that has a pool. Swim laps or play with your kids!
•Rent kayaks, canoes, paddle boards and try out a new sport. 


What is a healthy weight for you?

Figuring out what is your healthy weight can be confusing in today’s celebrity-driven culture. Although there has been some movement toward more realistic images, most of the models people see in the media are extremely thin, lean and athletic…not to mention all the digital manipulation that takes place. Using the media as the benchmark for a healthy weight can be unrealistic.

Who of us has the time or money to have the “perfect” body? What is perfect? It seems that even the people we deem as having “ perfect bodies” still think something is wrong or needs fixing. Perfect isn’t even enough now.  Unfortunately we often exhaust ourselves trying to obtain what we think is beautiful and accepted.

Let’s look at a more holistic way to define a healthy weight:


First of all focus more on the health than the weight.

·         Determine what your healthy lifestyle means not by the number on the scale.

·         A healthy weight shouldn’t mean eliminating food but instead balance and moderation.

·         A healthy weight is  attainable and maintainable without extreme measures.

·         A healthy weight doesn’t have to mean what you weighed in high school.

·          A healthy weight range is something a person settles into while respecting natural appetites for food, movement and rest;  without using restrictive eating patterns, compulsive exercise or medications to manage the weight


You should work towards a healthy weight for you, not for someone else, and certainly not an image that may not even be real!


RTCs new bike facility

Check out the video link of the RTCs new bike facility downtown. It includes a bike shop as well as shower facilities. Want to know where the bike lanes and routes are? Check out the RTCs website at

Germ-free at the gym

A few tips to keep yourself germ-free at the gym.
Before and after you use a machine, disinfect the places you will come in contact with or did come in contact with like handlebars or seats. Don’t assume that someone before you disinfected your machine.  A quick wipe is sufficient and will help keep you away from those dirty germs.
The most serious germ lurking place at the gym is the locker rooms. Good hygiene is most important! If you are going to shower be sure to do basic things like using soap and not sharing towels.  Always use liquid soap not a communal bar. Athletes foot is often contracted in locker rooms and showers;  for good foot hygiene  wear sandals or flip flops  in the shower and avoid walking barefoot. Be sure to clean your workout clothes on a regular basis. That not only keeps you clean but you might make more friends at the gym if you don’t smell bad.
If you have a minor cut or scrape or blister, make sure you cover them with bandages and keep them clean. That was you are not spreading any germs or infections to others or you are not exposing yourself to other germs. 
Above all don’t be afraid. Be aware but don’t let germs get in the way of your enjoying a great experience at the gym.