A few things to check out this weekend…

Wetlands Park Nature Preserve
The Wetlands Park Nature Preserve is located adjacent to the Visitor Center, off of East Tropicana and Wetlands Park Lane.  The Nature Preserve features two miles of concrete walking trails, graveled secondary trails are ADA accessible.  The Duck Creek Trailhead begins at Broadbent and ends at the Wetlands Nature Preserve.  It is just over 1/2 mile in length.  Visitors can also access the 1/2 mile coyote Loop and the Quail Run Loop from the main Duck Creek Trail.  For more info http://bit.ly/ls0rD4
Springs Preserve
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1978, the Springs Preserve is a 180-acre cultural institution designed to commemorate Las Vegas’ dynamic history and to provide a vision for a sustainable future. The Preserve features museums, galleries, outdoor events, colorful botanical gardens and an interpretive trail system through a scenic wetland habitat.

River Mountains Trail
The Loop Trail, approximately 35 miles in length, will surround the River Mountains, connecting Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Hoover Dam, Boulder City, Henderson and the rest of the Las Vegas Valley, therefore expanding recreational and alternative transportation opportunities for the regions growing population. In fact, it’s now been named as one of 31 New National Recreation Trails! Check out a map here http://www.rivermountainstrail.com/trail%20map/rmtpmaps.htm

Name that trail!

Imagine a 100-mile loop trail that would span the perimeter of the Las Vegas Valley.  This loop trail would provide a chance for you to walk and bike with your family away from traffic and out in nature. This trail would run along the edge of the Valley and connect to all the many other trails that we have here. Great idea right? It is a big project and it needs a perfect name! Please help us narrow down the right name. Click on this link and select from the five potential names. This is a super short one question survey that will take less than one minute. Please give us your feedback!
Go here to vote:    http://www.namethevision.org/
For more information contact gethealthy@snhdmail.org

Added side benefits to working out

The cold hard truth about working out is that you might not always want to do it. Some days we jump out of bed excited to lace up our shoes or we can’t wait to get home and jump on that treadmill. Other days we almost dread the thought of putting on our clothes and heading to the gym.  It doesn’t have to be all about the doom and gloom. If you link your workout to something else that you enjoy, that can be extra boost of motivation you need. Think about the great things that come with setting aside some time to be active.
Solo time.  Working out can be a group activity but it can also be something you do solo. Much needed “me time” can come from setting aside time each day to workout. No kids or bosses nagging you, it is just you and whatever activity you want to do. Working out can provide you time to focus on you and decompress from the hectic day.
Rock out. Turn up that music. Time spent walking around the neighborhood can be done with entertainment. Bring along some music and crank it up while you walk. All your favorite tunes can be enjoyed while you walk!
Enjoy outside. Connecting with nature can be done while sitting but why not maximize the experience while boosting some endorphins. Don’t just drive out to Red Rock and drive the scenic route; get out of your car and take a hike! Enjoy this beautiful desert on foot and connect with nature while doing something good for your health.
Watch TV. If you have a favorite TV show try to link that with your workout. Watch the show while you walk on the treadmill. In no time you will have completed an hour workout and enjoyed it! Tell yourself you can watch your show if you are moving.
Accomplish goals. It is not uncommon for us to set SUPER –goals or have bucket lists. It is great to have those long term goals but sometimes it can be discouraging to have such a far off huge goal. Set your short term goals as obtainable things as well as easy to accomplish in a short timeframe. Maybe your long term goal is to lose weight so have your short term goal be to work out today. Once you have worked out, you can feel good that you have accomplished your goal for the day!
Want to do vs. Have to do. If you are anything like me you hate doing things that you feel like you have to do….obligation! So I tell myself I don’t have to workout, that it is something I choose to do because it makes me feel better. Don’t feel guilty. That can be the worst workout killer!

A few way to fit fintness into every day.

Put on some comfortable shoes. If you are wearing shoes that are comfortable to walk in, you will be more likely to do more walking when you are out and about.

Put on some music. Hate to exercise? How  about dancing? Don’t be afraid to put on some favorite tunes and shake and shimmy around your house. Dance it all out!

Fidget more. The experts say it’s true- fidgeting burns calories. Forget about sitting still at your desk, wiggle, squirm, standup and bounce your legs.

Use your legs. Instead of talking and sitting, pace and talk. Instead of the elevator, take the stairs. Instead of the car, walk to your destinations or park far away.

Play more. Bounce a ball, fly a kite, play tag, run in the grass, ride a bike. It is not just for kids! Fun can help you get in more activity each day. Plus your kids will love it too.