Set the healthy example.

A hot topic in the news these days is obesity and our children. Many times it is quoted that this generation will be the first generation to NOT outlive their parents.  Obesity is not a new health topic but this article provides a very clear and personal reality check for what is to come for our children if this epidemic is not controlled. This article goes into great length explaining the effects that obesity has on our children’s bodies.  It gives a detailed organ by organ account of how obesity is slowly killing our kids and the lasting effects of this deadly chronic disease.  
Check out the article.
After reading this you might ask yourself…What can be done? With such an overwhelming problem across all races, ages, genders and location it is hard to imagine that anything we do could help impact such a major issue.
But there is hope. We may not be able to influence the entire county in a large scale way but we can impact our sphere of influence. We have the ability to impact those people around us. We can set an example of living a healthy lifestyle.  Here are some things we can do to set an example of a healthy lifestyle.
-When you are having people over for dinner offer healthy options. Or  try a new healthy recipe for a family dinner.
-Having an office meeting? Read our healthy meeting guide

-Train for a 5K with your famliy. Check out our past blog post about how to get ready for a 5K.

Here is great local event coming up in our community:

Rockin Rabbit Run! April 23rd 2011 @ 7am
Half Marathon and Family 5K. Benefits American Cancer Society.
More info

Healthy Pantry List

Having your pantry or cupboards stocked with healthy food can be one less barrier to cooking a healthy meal at home. Check out this link for some suggestions of what items you can have on hand to create a healthy family meal.


Drink up!

Of course it’s important to stay hydrated but did you know how much dehydration can impact your physical performance? Even just being a small amount dehydrated can impact how you do certain activities.  Hydration doesn’t happen in an instant. The amount of water you drank this morning or the night before will help determine your level of hydration today. Be sure to be drinking all day long. Take a water bottle with you wherever you go. Keep track of how much you are drinking. The more energy you expend the more you need to drink. During your activities like walking or running be sure to drink along the way. Even if you don’t feel like drinking at least take a sip or swish water in your mouth. After your workout be sure to replenish your body with more liquids. Drink up!