Something is better than nothing!

It’s the new year and you are pumped because you are working hard on your fitness goals and nothing is going to knock you down! Then life happens. We get busy, things come up that we can’t control and we struggle to fit it all in. Typically the first thing to go is our workout time. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Some days we are going to have more time than others. For those days when we just don’t have enough time but we really want to get in some workout time…check out this link to a 15 minute quick and great treadmill workout. SOMETHING is ALWAYS better than NOTHING!

What to consider when choosing a gym membership?

Picking a gym membership can be as confusing and daunting as picking fruit. When  looking for the best melon, you thump it, smell it, look for the bee sting or any other number of methods but you still don’t really know for sure if it’s a good one until you cut it up and take a bite. When picking a new gym here are a few tips to consider before taking a bite:
Location: It is hard enough getting motivated to go to the gym, so reduce any  barriers by selecting a gym that has accessible parking and is either close to work or home.  Find out if your gym has multiple locations. If it’s not a convenient location, the distance will become a barrier to going.  
Hours of operation: We all like to workout at different times. If you have unusual work out times, be sure to check that your gym’s  hours of operation accommodate your wee early morning swim or your super late midnight run.
Take a Tour: You never bought a car without a test drive? So why would you commit to a gym without fully checking it out. Most gyms offer a free staff led tour of the facility.  Ask questions.  Find out what classes are offered and when. Typically gyms will offer a buddy pass or a one week membership for free and you can use the facility and see if it will work for you.  Make sure the gym has the facilities, fitness equipment, exercise classes, and atmosphere you are seeking. Each gym has a different feel and culture.
Everybody is doing it. The gym can be a very social place. Ask your friends or coworkers which gym they attend and when they go. You can have a built in social support system just by picking a gym that people you know attend.
Consider all of these things when picking a gym. Find one that will work for you. Above all, USE your membership! If you are paying for it then get your money’s worth and go.

Killing lots of birds with one measly stone

Just when you think that old, generic advice of taking a walk can’t get any better…it does! Research is now showing that a 15 min walk each day can ease cravings for food or ease withdrawal symptoms and reduce the urge to smoke. 
So if your New Year’s resolution is to not eat so much junk food or to cut back on the puffing…a perfect goal would be to fit in a 15 min walk each day. Less cravings for food you don’t need to eat and smoke you don’t need to inhale….you can’t go wrong!  Plus you could check off that always- daunting- never ending nag that you need to “work out”. Talk about killing lots of birds with one measly stone in the form of a 15 min walk.  
So join with millions of others this month and jump on that bandwagon to eat better and be more active. You aren’t alone!