Know your numbers!

When it comes to our cars there are routine maintenance checks we must do in order to keep them running in good condition. We need to do oil changes, keep the fluids topped off, change spark plugs, make sure we have gas and air in the tires etc. We do all these little maintenance checks to help prevent mechanical programs from occuring. This is just like our bodies! We need to do routine maintenance checks in order to prevent disease. There are key numbers that help to indicate if your body is running in good condition: Your cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and body mass index.

Cholesterol target number: 200 or less
A sudden heart attack may not be “sudden” at all, but can be caused by years of living with high cholesterol and extra fats stored by the body. The normal range for total cholesterol is 200 or less. You also need to know your “healthy” HDL cholesterol and “lousy” LDL cholesterol numbers. High total cholesterol, high LDL, or low HDL means you need to take immediate action to prevent a possible heart attack or stroke. There are no definite symptoms of high cholesterol. That’s why it’s important to see your doctor and know your cholesterol numbers. 200 or less!

Blood Pressure target number: 120/80 or less
Blood pressure measures the amount of force it takes your heart to pump blood through your body. High blood pressure (or “hypertension”) increases your risk of heart attack, stroke, and kidney disease. High blood pressure damages your brain, eyes and arteries, too. Your blood pressure should be less than 120 over 80.You may have no symptoms of high blood pressure. Anyone can have high blood pressure. Check with your doctor to know your blood pressure numbers.

Blood Sugar target number: 80 to 120
Glucose is sugar stored in the blood as your body’s main source of energy. If your glucose is too high or too low, you may have diabetes. The average blood sugar range is between 80 and 120. Diabetes can strike anyone of any age, but it is more common in populations of ethnicity. Symptoms involve frequent urination, extreme hunger, thirst, unusual weight loss, increased fatigue, or blurry vision. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you need to have your A1C number checked. You A1C number tells you how well you’re controlling your blood sugar over time. Your A1C should be less than 7. Left untreated, diabetes can lead to heart disease, blindness, amputation of arms or legs, and kidney disease. To take steps against diabetes early, see your doctor and know your numbers.

Body Mass Index target number: 25 or less
Body mass index (BMI) measures your weight in relation to your height. It should be 25 or less. A BMI over 25 means you are overweight, and a number over 30 means you are obese. Extra weight can lead to high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses. Check out this link to calculate your BMI.

Perfectly healthy?

Being healthy doesn’t always seem like a simple concept. But it doesn’t have to be a complex idea. Here is a simple ‘top five’ of what it means to be healthy:
Eat less
Move More
Eat fruits and Veggies
Consume Whole Grains
Stay away from junk food

Sometimes we do all of those things very well and sometimes we do none of those things at all. It happens. Accept that there is no such thing as “perfectly healthy”. Sometimes just the mere idea that we can’t do something perfect makes us not want to try at all! Don’t let the guilt-monster who hangs out with the perfection-monster get you down. Look at this list of five things; it is a simple list that is very doable depending how you look at it. For example, Eat less. As soon as we hear eat less, we immediately think the worst… Eat less, doesn’t mean you can’t ever eat anything with sugar in it ever again, it doesn’t mean you can’t eat anything with carbs, no more treats etc. But for some reason we immediately go to the worst case scenario. Eat less can simply mean that. Eat less today than you did yesterday. Eat less at this dinner than you did at the last one. Leave two bites on your plate because last time you didn’t. That is eating less!
Move more doesn’t need to mean run a marathon. Move more just simply means move more right now than you did one hour ago. Get up! Walk to the mailbox, walk up your stairs twice, just move more. These guidelines are not meant to stop you before you start. Celebrate the things you are able to accomplish and don’t focus on how far you need to go.

Choose and Move festival

7th Annual
Choose and Move Festival

Saturday, September 25, 2010
9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Doolittle Community Center
1950 N. J Street
Las Vegas, NV

Come out for a day of fun for the whole family. Free events include:

•Dance instruction
•Health Screenings
•Healthy Cooking Demonstrations
•Metro vs. Firefighter: Officer James Manor Memorial Basketball Game
•Community Christian League Basketball Games
•Neck, Shoulder and reflexology Mini-Massages
•Health information and resources
Call (702) 256-2724 for more information.

The Choose and Move Festival is brought to you by Community Partners for Better Health and United Health Care.

Let the farm come to you!

When we think of Las Vegas we don’t often think lush farms overflowing with ripe, ready produce or farm stands lining the country road leading to the city. Sounds like a depressing problem. But it’s not! If you can’t go to the farm let the farm come to you!  So thanks to the local Farmer’s Markets popping up around the valley we can have access to fresh, local fruits and veggies!
Where and when can you attend? Check out our community calendar to see dates and times.  The more support these types of things get from the community members the bigger and better they become! All the good things of the farm country brought to the city, who doesn’t love that?!

NEW Get Healthy Clark County website!

We’ve got some exciting news!  The Get Healthy Clark County website has a new and improved look!!  We hope that this new look makes it a little easier for you to find the programs and information that you need. 
All of the great information and programs that were on the site before are still there; they just might be in a new place.  All of our online programs can be found under Community Programs in either the Get Moving or Eat Better sections, but to make it a little easier for you, here are the direct links to each programs homepage.
Walk Around Nevada 

  Nutrition Challenge 

  Get Healthy Meal Planner 

  Kids Challenge  

We hope you like the new website and we encourage you to explore the new website at and bookmark it for future reference!