Healthy Thanksgiving Tips

The big Thanksgiving feast is around the corner! Who doesn’t love a holiday dedicated to food? Here are some tips to help you enjoy your holiday and be healthy doing it! 
Don’t go to the Thanksgiving dinner hungry. We often eat faster and more when we are hungry - eat a healthy breakfast and lunch on that day to avoid overeating at dinner.                                                                                                                                                               Think Veggies. Fill your plate with Veggies! Turkey dinner tends to be mostly brown or white in color….mix in some greens! Try to fill at least half your plate with some veggies.
Portion Control. The holidays are full of great traditional food that we only eat once a year so we tend to fill our plate like we are never going to eat it again for a whole year. If you just gotta try those items that maybe aren’t the healthiest just take a sampling size portion. Aviod seconds!
Be active before you eat! Start your day off feeling good with a little activity. Play outside with the kids, go for a walk, ride a bike etc. When you are sitting around for the rest of the night you will feel better knowing that you did some activity earlier in the day.
Bring a healthy dish. Going to someone else’s house for dinner? Take a healthy dish, then you will know there will be at least one healthy option for you to choose.

Have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!

Get Healthy out of town too.

Going on vacation doesn’t mean that you have to take a vacation from your healthy lifestyle! Simple modifications can help you stay on track even when you are out of town.

Get a map and hit the streets. Walk instead of taking a cab or getting a rental car.  Walking is one of the best ways to fit in some fitness while getting around from place to place. In most big cities it is easier to walk instead of drive, so save yourself some cash and the stress of parking your car and walk.

Walking is not the only healthy way to get around!  Rent bikes. Not only is this a great way to be active, but you can cover a lot more ground in a short amount of time.

A lot of hotels have fitness rooms now, so go use it!  And if your hotel doesn’t, do some sit-ups or push-ups in your hotel room!

Exploring new food is one of the best things about going out of town. Don’t deprive yourself just be smart about your choices. Look for items that have the words steamed, roasted, or broiled listed. Select items that have veggies or fruits included. Add a salad to your meal.

When it comes to snacks, don’t look to the vending machines. Once you check in go to the local market and stock up on healthy snacks that are portable. Look for precut produce, nuts, yogurt, pretzels etc. Or if you have a tight vacation schedule, pack some healthy snacks like pretzels or dried fruit in your suitcase, so you have it when you arrive.

Hotels will often provide snacks or continental breakfast, but just because its free doesn’t mean the calories are!  Limit your portions and don’t over indulge just because it costs you nothing.

Next time you are on vacation try some of these tips, so when you check in you don’t check out from your healthy routine!