Lets get tricky.

The truth about weight loss boils down to a simple formula: less calories in vs. more calories out.  Break that rule and all the carb-cutting, fat-burning, and low-glycemic index eating in the world won’t shed those pounds. No “diet” plan regardless of how new and great can’t change this truth. Even Oprah can’t change this truth, no matter what new berry or book she promotes.  So lets be honest eating less is not easy, if it were we would all be set. But we all seem to be trying to do it. So what works and what doesn’t?  Do you use smaller plates so you can’t pile on as much food? Maybe you ask for a to-go box as soon as your meal comes and you plan from the beginning to only eat half.
 What tricks do you use? Leave a comment with your suggestions on how to cut calories and eat less.